XTRATM OIL -3 (Increase Timing & Enhance Size)


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The Xtratm Oil is natural herbal formula containing various Exotic ingredients that aids in sexual health. It is made using 100% natural Herbs and ingredients that are clinically proven to increase the  Blood flow of the Male organ.

Xtratm Oil improves the size of male organ and enhances  erection , elevates sexual desire , promotes secretion of sexual hormones , and improves general vitality , hence create a feeling of energetic wellbeing and elevates sexual drive, thus enhancing the level of satisfaction and fulfilling the desired expectations.

The correct way to use Xtratm Oil:

1. Apply only the correct quantity recommended i.e 3ml per massage session.

2. Then massage gently using the index finger and the thumb only from base of penis upwards. Never your entire hand for massage. This is because if you happen to massage with your entire hand,chances are ,you may be sexually aroused which may lead to masturbation and you may finally ejaculate.

3.Massage shaft of penis for only 7-10 minutes or till oil gets absorbed

4. Take care to avoid massage of penis tip or glans with the oil.

Benefits of Xtratm massage oil:

Helps in making male organ bigger
Increases the girth and thickness
Promotes blood supply to the organ
Reduces oversensitivity to last longer
Gives strength to the organ
Increases the amount of ejaculation for more pleasure

Note : For Best Result Use 3 Bottles 30 days Half Course Or 6 bottles 60 days full course.


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